Rss Guard not listed as installed but can be opened

A few day ago I installed RSS Guard through Discover.
Today I want to uninstall it but in Discover it is not shown as installed.
I tried rpm -q 'rss guard' but it is not listed.
However, it does occur in the main menu, which, if I check where it is, it points to /var/lib/flatpak/exports/share/applications

The icon points to /var/lib/flatpak/app/io.github.martinrotter.rssguard/current/active/export/share/applications/io.github.martinrotter.rssguard.desktop.

If you look closely, you’ll see the app’s path shows “exports”, while the icon points to “export” without “s”.

My question is: how can I uninstall/remove RSS Guard?

It is logic that rpm shows no result for flatpak. These are different package formats which are incompatible and need different handling.

You should read the flatpak documentation

Thank you.

For others who might be interested: flatpak uninstall io.github.martinrotter.rssguard did the trick.

What I still don’t understand is why RSS Guard was listed in Discover as “install” rather than as “remove”?

Edit: if you have the flatpak version installed but it is not shown in Discover, then the way to find its exact name to be able to uninstall it is by opening the main menu (click on the Super key) and in the search box type the name of the app.

When it appears in the list, hover over it, right-click, select Edit application.
In the section Location you will find the app’s exact name to be used in the terminal to be uninstalled as per my post above.

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