RSS for sub-forums

I wanted to subscribe to the English forum but the RSS page is empty. It appears that while some sub-forums provide feeds, others don’t. What’s the logic?!

I am subscribed to several subforums here, but what is the english forum? We have the main page (don’t know if you can subscribe to it) and there are several subforums, amongst them several languages, but not english.

Oh I see now. Firefox displays a feed button in the location bar for each forum branch. Since I could subscribe to the main forum that got me confused. Here would be the English forum.
Just noticed the RSS index links in each final branch; I’ll use those. Thanks.

Thanks, I see now what you mean. Never found out that the “English” heading is a link of it sown. Never a dull moment here.
I use the final branches (of course you can make a choice). It works very satisfying for me.