RSS feed is out of sync

The RSS feed for this thread shows 8 threads. excluding, for example,
Why we won’t implement your suggestion. I thought the Web interface and the RSS interface should be equivalent, shouldn’t they?


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Hey yecril71pl,

>I thought the Web interface and the RSS interface should be
>equivalent, shouldn’t they?

Think of RSS is a sliding window over the content. The feed only holds
x number of messages at any one time or is set up to hold only messages
for y to z timeframe. So if you pull from an RSS feed one day, you’ll
get all the content contained in that feed window. Then, if you wait a
month to pull the content again, you’ll once again get all content in
that window and will probably have missed a lot of content between.

So, to answer your question directly, no the web interface and the RSS
interface shouldn’t be equivalent.

Kim - 9/2/2010 8:51:49 AM

However, I would expect the recent messages to appear in RSS, and at the time of writing they were not visible (older messages showed up instead).

The problem seems to have been solved by now though.