RSA key authentication problem with 11.3


I’ve got a server that was running 11.0 and was set up so that a number of other machines could connect to it via ssh without needing a password by using rsa key authentication. This has worked for a couple of years without problem.

I have just progressively upgraded 11.0->11.1, 11.1->11.2 and 11.2->11.3 so now I’m running 11.3 and the above authentication is not working.

My logs show the errors
gkr-pam: couldn’t get the password from user: Conversation error
error: ssh_msg_send: write
pam_unix2(sshd:auth): conversation failed
error: ssh_msg_send: write

when the automated logins are attempted.

Are there any configuration changes that need to be made to get this to work again with 11.3?, if not, any other suggestions to get this working are welcomed.



Check 11.3 release notes about changes in openssh.

RTFM is always a good starting point :wink:

however the release notes openSUSE Factory Release Notes contain nothing about this.

I’ve been googling my error messages for days and haven’t come up with anything that’s got it working for me, or anything that got remotely near what turned out to be the solution.

However, in case anyone else runs into this again (the error messages above will hopefully be picked up by search engine bots) the gem of information that got this to work for me was found in SDB:Configure openSSH - openSUSE

I needed to Edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config on the server and

add %h to my AuthorizedKeysFile

so now it reads

AuthorizedKeysFile %h/.ssh/authorized_keys

Job done.