RPMlib license

Hello all,

Can anybody give me a link where I will be able to find info about librpm’s

License: GPL, LGPL or something else?


In YaST software management if you highlight the rpm in question and
look at the technical details it will tell you the license.

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Tnx for answer, but can i use rpmlib into commercial software?

As far as I understand GPL, you can use it in “commercial” software, but you can not use it in “non-free” (non-libre) software; in other words, you may charge for the use of such software, but you must allow the software to be freely copied, distributed and customized/improved (by disclosing the source code).
Of course, even I can sometimes be wrong…

Hm, :frowning:

But, how i can run /bin/rpm in my c code with argument, and how i can parse result output?

I can run with system() or exec(), but cannot parse output :\