rpmdeps not working

I am running a fully-patched 12.1 x86_64 with rpm-

I am trying to create some rpms for perl modules that aren’t in
the standard repositories (some locally created modules), and I
ran into a problem as I was working on this.

Normally, rpm will use the /usr/lib/rpm/rpmdeps to get a list of
requirements, but it’s failing.

If I create a trivial file: foo.pm

   package My::Test;
   use Archive::Zip;

and run:

   /usr/lib/rpm/rpmdeps --required foo.pm
     => NOTHING

it returns nothing. If I create the same file on a RHEL box, the
same command produces the desired:

   /usr/lib/rpm/rpmdeps --required foo.pm
       => perl(Archive::Zip)

The provides feature works:

   /usr/lib/rpm/rpmdeps --required foo.pm
     => perl(My::Test)

Any suggestions?