RPM request

It is possible someone to make working RPM for Tumbleweed of this

  1. Possible? Of course, but someone has to do it. Most packagers/developers don’t use the forums, plus, you would need to ask on IRC or the opensuse-factory@opensuse.org mailing list, but …
  2. Wise to do this? No, the software has been unmaintained for 3 years, to package that would mean having the hack all the code, update it to current Qt and KDE, before packaging it, and that would still mean a package with unmaintained software. Which openSUSE as a distro thinks is unacceptable to have in the distro.

So, IMO you’d better forget about this one.

that’s a dead project that old code will probobly have issues with TW which is a rolling distro
google told me that somebody already build a TW package a few years ago but I guess because of maintenance issues removed it
you can still find a copy of that old repo here
I don’t recommend using it as it’s 5 years old and installing it will might break TW
if you really want to you could try rebuilding the src packages
just download those 4 rpm’s and use buildrpm to build binary packages