RPM Packaging are ok but xUbunt builds are failing in debian transformer (can´t convert bz2 in gz)


I´m having a problem when building xUbuntu packages in my project; right now I´ve no idea about what´s causing this problem. Any help would be appreciated.

89s] running debian transformer…
89s] converting //usr/src/packages/SOURCES/pw3270-5.0.tar.bz2 to pw3270-5.0.tar.gz
89s] tar: pw3270-5.0.tar.gz: Cannot open: No such file or directory
89s] tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

PS: The .deb building was ok a few days ago.


That’s odd! I just unpack and repack the same sources using an OpenSUSE 12.2 (The original ones were packed using an Ubuntu VM) machine and now everithing seens to be ok.