rpm for /bin/env


i have some programs installed. they where rpm and i installed them with --nodeps options because

rpm -ivU sth.rpm 

reported a failed dependency: /bin/env is needed by sth.rpm

i created a symbolic link between /bin/env [which didn’t exist] to /usr/bin/env but that didn’t sole the problem.

Yast2 install dependency resolver also argues that /bin/env is needed by sth.rpm .

does anybody know which package contains the “env” program?

As far as I know there is only one env program, the one in /usr/bin/env. If your RPM is looking for it elsewhere then you are probably trying to install a foreign RPM, which may cause problems.

the env program is working correctly. my “sth.rpm” is looking for it to be in /bin/env . can i edit some files, and convince Yast2 that the /usr/bin/env is installed instead of /bin/env??

please name the RPM package for env program. thanks

/usr/bin/env comes from the coreutils package. Here’s how you discover the package that “owns” a file:

$ rpm -qf /usr/bin/env

Or the zypper command;

zypper wp /usr/bin/env

Now if your using YaST (I recommend the qt interface) software
management and in the search parameter list, at the bottom is “File
List” select the checkbox and then search.

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