Hello mccaskill,

Welcome here.

First is, you should so something about your CapsLock key. Posting in Uppercase only is seen as shouting and will probably not be inviting to the volunteers here to help you.

Also these forums have a well defined structure and that is not for nothing. Some people might be good in helping for some subjects and other for other subjects. Thus e.g. people knowing much about Networking will possibly never look in the subforum for Multimadia and vv. Thus I do not understand why you posted this question about installing RPMs in the Hardware subforum. My idea would be that the Install/Boot/Login subforum is a much more logical place.

And then about installing software. As openSUSE is an RPM based distribution, all the software you have on the system is from installed RPMs. These RPMs are normaly in the repositories belonging with the distribution: OSS, non-OSS and Update. You normaly install them using YaST > Software > Software management where you can find several possibilities to search for what you want. There is much more software on other openSUSE ready repos. You can search there using:software.opensuse.org: Search.

When that fails you can go searching on the internet and you might find an RPM there. But be aware, those RPMs might ask for other software as a dependancy and you have then to find these others first. Also these RPMs might be bases on other distributions and show problems when installing. You can in principle download such an RPM. You can install then using YaST. One way to start this is to click on such an RPM in the file manager window of the GUI you are using (e.g. Dolphin in KDE). You can also call from the command lline (as root):

yast -i <package.rpm>

But it might be much better when you would tell a bit more about what you want to install. People could maybe help you to do this in an easier way as you expected. But of course in the corect subforum.