$RPM_BUILD_ROOT ignored?


I am trying to build a package for different plattforms using the OS BuildService.
Building succeeds for openSuSE and Mandriva, but it fails for SLE_11.
to me it seems as if the build service ignores the $RPM_BUILD_ROOT environment variable:

Executing(%install): /bin/sh -e  /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.45696
+ umask 022
+ cd /usr/src/packages/BUILD
+ cd colortool-0.99
+ rm -rf
+ make install INSTALL_ROOT=
install -m 755 -p "colortool" "/usr/bin/colortool"
install: cannot create regular file `/usr/bin/colortool': Permission  denied
make: [install_target] Error 1 (ignored)
strip "/usr/bin/colortool"
strip: '/usr/bin/colortool': No such file
make: [install_target] Error 1 (ignored)
mkdir: cannot create directory `/usr/share/colortool': Permission denied
make: *** [install_translations] Error 1
error: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.45696 (%install)

any ideas?



filed a bug for this issue.

OBS is setting it always. But either your spec file makes not the right use of it or you have buggy sources, which don’t care about installation directory.

I’ve just had the same problem and found this thread.
Apparently on SLE $RPM_BUILD_ROOT is not set if there is no BuildRoot: tag in the spec.
It’s a bit confusing, because other distros build fine and the first error message is that “mkdir -p” failed.

try %{buildroot}