Rpi 0 and/or Rpi 0 W support?

Due to its sale price @US $3.14 a piece, I Just bought both an Rpi 0 and Rpi 0 W from a local MicroCenter and am wondering if there is any OpenSuSE version that will run on any of these two hardware. Anyone?

You’d best aks on the ARM mailing list: opensuse-arm@opensuse.org . To subscribe send an email to subscribe+opensuse-arm@opensuse.org . FYI that’s where the devs/packagers hang out.

I run RPI Zeros,
Some with openSUSE on them.

The Broadcom chipset is the same as the original RPi

Download your images and follow the installation procedure described on this page


Personally, I use the XFCE version for general use and the JeOS version for “server” use.


Thank you all.