rpcbind segfaults when client tries to access NFS

After updates (not exactly sure which update broke this - few days ago anyway) I have issues with client accessing NFS shares. These used to work fine until I upgraded tumbleweed packages i.e. no changes to the configurations have been made. What happens is then when I try to access NFS shares (browsing what shares there are available) rpcbind segfaults immediately.

rpcbind[544]: segfault at 0 ip 00007fa3dbec119a sp 00007fff1a643590 error 4 in libtirpc.so.3.0.0[7fa3dbeaa000+2e000]

When I restart rpcbind the client is able to utilize mounted NFS shares but is not able to browse what shares are available. That leads to rpcbind segfault again.

I’ve restarted rpcbind, nfs server, upgraded remaining tumbleweed packages, rebooted, had network issues (for some reason both NICs are added again and existing ones are invalidated thus I have to reconfigure “new” NICs, rename them, delete existing ones and reboot - without reboot I haven’t been able to restore network) thus rebooted again. Nothing have helped with the issue.

Any ideas what is the problem this time?

You should always post the command with its output.

I assume you did the following?

showmount -e *server *


Don’t know what command was executed. I was using OpenELEC running Kodi. From there I tried browsing NFS shares and then rpcbind segfaults.

Updated tumbleweed couple of times with new kernel + others. Still rpcbind segfaults when trying to browse from Kodi box (OpenELEC). Tried showmount -e <server ip> from different linux box and no problems. I can mount NFS share from Kodi box if I define server and path explicitly but if I browse then rpcbind crashes.

What could be the reason for this?