rpcbind is not working on Suse 11 only portmap alone

Hi Folks,

I’m on Sless 11. Have all default settings.
Configuring db2 server +client with sharing folder, using rsh.
So, on the server I also installed nfs-server.
Was able to mount. Can host and rsh all nodes (2+2)

But I cannot even start nodes from client.
Error encountered in TCP/IP protocol support or
Mapping issue

After I browsing Forum I found that if I unsinatll rpcbind and install portmap it could help.
I did that AND IT HELPED!

But I want to unsterand why. As rpcbind contain the same portmap pcg. So, may be I’m not configuring correctly rpcbind?
Or may be I need to enable/disable something?

If you are using SLES you might want to check the SLES forum. Commonly people on this bulletin board talk about openSUSE.

However portmap and rpcbind have exactly the same function, just a new name for it. Rpcbind seems to come from the BSD world, see here:

Re: ** HEADS UP ** portmap daemon renamed to rpcbind

There is no configuration needed on openSUSE, it just is started and works.

Rpcbind on SLES 11 is broken (don’t know whether this is also true for openSUSE).
It immediately closes the TCP connection if a GETPORT request is send in more than one TCP segment.
Just found that out using ethereal.
The good old portmapper doesn’t have this problem.

Thanks for your posting, it pointed me to the fact that the old portmapper is still available
and a solution for my problems…

Hi hd2,
I was able to run my db2 with rpcbind (I uninstall portmapper again). To do that I had to restart around 20 times in different order nfs-server and rpcbin (with some other services just in case). So, finally I can confirm that rpcbin is working fine on SUSE11.

I was finally able to run my db2 with rpcbind (uninstall portmapper).
To be able to do that I restarted nfs-server and rpcbind (with some other services just in case) several times (around 20) in different order. So, finally when I checked rpcinfo -p that all necessary proccesse are started I succfully run my db2 and it works perfectly.