routing help


1 cable modem

wireless router 1 connected to cable modem.
wirleess router 2 connected to eth0 of opensuse box

1 opensuse 11.1 server connecting to wireless router
-acting as a router
-two nics, 1 wlan0 (wireless), 1 eth0
-the wlan0 is connecting to the wireless router 1
-the eth0 is connecting to wireless router 1 over cat5

Internet>>cablemodem>>wireless router1 >>wlan0 on opensuse>>eth0 on opensuse>>wireless router 2>> cat5 cable to SLES10 server

The sles 10 server can get to the internet just fine.
It can ping the wireless router 1
the opensuse box can’t ping wireless router 1

I have seen a handful of times where it has hit the internet, but it isn’t consistent and very rarely does it work.

Networks: wireless router 1 wireless router 2


port forwarding is enabled

I am thinking that sense the opensuse box can’t ping and can rarely hit the internet, that the local box, when trying the internet is hitting eth0 by default rather than going to wlan0. The default gateway on the opensuse box is for the wireless router 1,

I don’t have any cat5 cable to run to my sles10 or opensuse box.

I am guessing that I need to somehow configure the opensuse box a certain way so that it can access the wireless one router.


Determine where you’re blocked and what networks are actually in play by using trace route.


WAN and LAN should be different networks. 192.164.1 WAN 192.164.0 LAN on OpenSuse

Zero clue why you have that configuration. What purposes do Router 1 and Router 2 serve? Router 2 serving as switch for 1 Server?

Tsu2 is correct pls provide ping and route tables from each device.