Router Gives Device Name as UNKNOWN

I have a system running with Suse 11 and kde 3.5.9 just running stock with no mods only suggested patches, and another (laptop) running wireless Suse 11 and kde 4.1.1 with factory updates. Both systems go thru my router and I have internet connection no problems. When I look at the attached devices on my router the ip address is given and in the device name - just says UNKNOWN. If I put a windows system on the network the system name is given in my device name window on the router.

I need a system name as YAST will not accept (UNKOWN) as a valid NFS Server name.


Isn’t the name assigned via MAC and designated IP address you set in access control.

I have tried reserving ip addresses in my router for the given MAC address and denoting a name at the router. The forced ip address works, but the name field is overwritten from the systems as they come onto the network.

don’t use wireless,
but can’t you use Yast - to manage your network devices
I presume you can configure it there

You may have to re-config the router after too