Roundcube mysql password change

Hi! We have a mail server with OpenSuse 10.3, which was installed by someone else, so I realized now, that I don’t know the Mysql root password. I made an intranet homepage in Drupal, and when I wanted to put it on the server, I couldn’t made the mysql database for it. I was surch for help on the web, so I changed the root password with mysqld_safe –skip-grant-table*, *and I have a working Drupal homepage, but the Roundcube gave me a database error. I made changes in config/conf.php, now I can access in Web-Cyradm the accounts, but in each line at the quota information is Unable to retrieve quota, and if I try to log on with roundcube, Login failed, even if I can see that account in Web-cyradm. The quota information is in the var/lib/imap/quota, and the messages in the var/spool/imap/user directory. We have 46 accounts, and it would be important to save the old messages, account information. And since my successful password-changing was 4 days ago, I’m in hurry.

I hope I was clear enough. Can anybody help me? thanks…

My guess is that many people will tell you that openSUSE 10.3 is long out of support. Now you probably know that and you decided to take the risks. But one of the risks is that almost nobody here will be able to check how what you did and tried to do works in an openSUSE 10.3 system.

Hi. welcome here.

" a database error ", we want to see the exact error, between CODE tags. And any changes made to the system or configs can matter, so we need to know what changes were made.
Like Henk says, running 10.3 on a server that’s exposed to the web as a mail server is, well …, not wise.
AFAIK the mysqld-safe … command does not change the root password.

And, backups?