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How can I change my root password

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Tried the passwd command? Google to search?

Good luck.

pjww wrote:
> How can I change my root password
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I’ll assume you know what the existing one is.

Easiest way that I know of is to do it from the command line. The standard yast user management hides root and I’m not aware of any other graphical thing that will let you do it.

Open up a shell (konsole or gnome-terminal) type ‘su’ or ‘sudo -s’ you’ll be asked for the existing password. On recent versions of openSUSE (10.3 onwards) the text in your console will turn red (indicating that you can do damage if you’re not careful) then simply type ‘passwd’ you’ll be prompted for the only password then the new password and finally that new password again to confirm.

Once thats done make sure you close your shell so you don’t accidentally do something as the root user.

Thanks that worked. I knew my root password, But used the sameone for root and user. I was checking for a antivirus for suse and found out that you must keep your root to your self so to speek. thanks again. do you know how i can get to my files like mp3 that are on both my hard drives which are windows files? With suse that is.