Root password required to reboot or shutdown PC

I have a System76 Lemur Ultra Thin (lemu4) notebook PC running OpenSuSE 64 bit Tumbleweed GNU/Linux and K Desktop Environment 4.9.3 64 bit. Every time I reboot or shutdown my PC, it asks me for my root password. How can I change this setting so I don’t have to enter my root password to reboot or shutdown my PC each time? Thank you.

Moving to tumbleweed
The will re-open

In system settings > login screen > shutdown
What is listed at the ‘Local’ entry?

Everybody is listed.

Check the system settings-system administration-action policy
Look for poweroff the system and reboot the system
You need to have root permission to change it

I think setting active console to yes will do.

I rebooted my System76 PC and it did not ask me for my root password earlier this afternoon. This is solved.