Root Partition Full How to Free Space

My root partition is full. How do I free some space? I have searched on Google, but most of the solutions have something to do with a command using apt-get, but because I am using YaST as my package manager, I believe that the command I need will have something to do with YaST.

Do you have one big partition, or do you have (at least) separate root and /home partitions? Can you boot into the machine? Need more info.

FYI, Yast is the configuration tool for Opensuse. Among other things, it can be used to install software, which is what apt-get does for Debian-based distros (including Ubuntu).

Empty the trashcan. That should free some space.
You could also take a look at /tmp.

To help you, we need some output of commands:

df -h

du -h /tmp | tail -1

My system is split into separate partitions for “/home” and “/”.

The command that I have found that the Debian-based distributions use to free space in the root partitions is

apt-get clean


df - h produces

Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda6              20G   19G  186M 100% /
udev                  1.5G  124K  1.5G   1% /dev
/dev/sda7              48G  5.9G   39G  14% /home

The size of “/tmp” is 902MiB, and smpoole7, yes, my system is bootable.

Do this
Clear Temp Files at Boot - openSUSE Forums

After that you may want to look at why you have used so much space up.

Perhaps check

du -h /var/log

du -h /var/log

4.0K    /var/log/krb5
360K    /var/log/ConsoleKit
4.0K    /var/log/apparmor/reports-archived
4.0K    /var/log/apparmor/reports
4.0K    /var/log/apparmor/reports-exported
16K     /var/log/apparmor
2.5M    /var/log/cups
4.0K    /var/log/news
9.1M    /var/log/YaST2
276K    /var/log/mythtv
464K    /var/log/audit
420K    /var/log/zypp
8.0K    /var/log/smpppd
236K    /var/log/apache2
8.9G    /var/log

I was also told that old kernels would take up space. How would I remove them?

> 8.9G /var/log

some of the log files in there are taking FAR too much space…
my guess is a massive file (or files) named “firewall” and/or
“messages” and/or “warn” and/or “zypper.log”…

there are ways to make those record less, and have the system compact
the files, and throw them out after xx days…

those way are discussed in previous threads in this forum as well as
the official documentation…


It seems as if I had an 8GB file named NetworkManager[timestamp]

Thank you for your help.