root login

is it possible to log as root with KDE or Gnome?

you can
at the log in screen just type root and roots password
but i strongly don’t recommend doing this

Open up a terminal window, and at the command line type:

su -

thanks for the answer but login as root is “unauthorized”
i absolutly need to log as root!
how can i do under Gnome or KDE? (prefer KDE):stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure what you mean by unauthorised. Can you explain what happens step by step when you:

  1. Open up a terminal window (Applications > System > Terminal) in KDE.

  2. At the command line in that window, type:

su -
  1. Give the root password (you do have the root password, don’t you?)

Can you explain why you need to log in as root? This is defiantly not recommended and very dangerous you can really damage your system
You can do everything as normal user that you can du as root.
Eg to run a program as root use alt + F2 then enter **kdesu program name **(substitute program name with the app you want to run with root privilages)
To edit a config file eg fstab alt + F2 then enter kdesu kwrite fstab
Can do the same in a console by typing su then enter root pass then kwrite fstab


trazomtg schrieb:
> thanks for the answer but login as root is “unauthorized”

Who says that?

> i absolutly need to log as root!

I doubt that very much. In fact, I cannot imagine a reason
why anyone would need a graphical root login. Whatever needs
to be done as root can either be done from a non-root GUI
via su or one of its variants (sudo, kdesu …), or from a
non-GUI (text mode) root login.

If you know of a situation where logging in as root to a
graphical desktop environment is actually necessary or
sensible I would be very interested.

Tilman Schmidt
Phoenix Software GmbH
Bonn, Germany

Ok, I understand your point of view but…
Now, Linux is not anymore a console OS, it is a gui, did’nt you notice it ?

It is easiest to use a gui for installing a program, for example.

For installing a program, there is a shortcut in a menu, and when you click on it, you are asking to enter a password !

The fact to click on a menu that will give you the list of packages available in your repositories can destroy your computer ??? Very funny !!!

And you say that it is a security to be obliged to type command in a terminal console ??? Are you joking ??? Any newbie can log as root in a console and then go on internet and copy/paste any stupid command that can destroy his computer !!!
And you think that it is secure ???

Go back to reality !!! rotfl!

I think that the fact that you cannot log as root in the GUI in OpenSuse is a stupidity !!!

i see from your posting that you do not understand the thrust of the

  1. it is easy for a normal user to exercise root powers in the GUI…
  2. it is also easy to log into the GUI as root…

but it is NOT wise to do number two, because it is NOT needed…

instead log into KDE/Gnome/etc as yourself, a normal user and THEN
become root (in a terminal, say…or by using YaST and giving the
root password)…