Root HD Not Being Detected After Installation

I just installed 11.4 and I get an error when I try to boot, “fsck failed for at least one filesystem”. It’s referring to sdc2, which is my /. This drive is a 1.5gb SATA drive, and it may be that this drive is very slow to initialize. I used to have a problem in Windows where this same drive wouldn’t be detected after waking from sleep, so I had to apply a hotfix patch.

I tried manually fsck-ing, but the drive isn’t detected at all. Any ideas? Maybe some way I can make it wait longer for the drive?

Honestly, this simply shouldn’t happen.
Try booting Parted Magic CD and use the Partition editor to check the partitions

Thanks! - I’ll try that.

While you’re booted by Parted Magic run fsck on the / hdd.