ROOT & Geant4 on repository

Hi! First of all, I would thank the openSUSE team and community for all the work and support they provide! I’m a physicist, and I was wondering if there is any possibility to see ROOT and Geant4, two softwares from CERN in a repository; I think it would be useful for people needing a simple/fast way to install them, mostly because of their dependencies/optimizations they usually need!
Thanks for the attention!

Are these programs open source? There is a scientific repository, if
you use bugzilla and make it an enhancement request, they may or may not
take it on. You could also use the build service to create the
programs yourself.

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Yes, they are open source software, of course. I know the “Science” repository but, frankly, it doesn’t have much software about physics, with the exception of electronics. Anyway, I must admit I know nothing about bugzilla or build service, and I don’t know even where to start about building a package myself. But this does not mean I can’t learn :smiley:

Or maybe the education repository? Have a look at the following two


Build Service:

If you want to try building it on the build service, there are some
links to information about spec files etc. There is also a
build-service forum sub section to post questions etc.

If it wasn’t so close to Xmas, I would offer some assistance, but if
you can wait until next week I should have some more free time :slight_smile:

Do you have links to the program sources etc?

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Having a play with building a clhep rpm and came across this in my

Is this the list of programs your using?

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Hi! I’ve never seen this Live DVD before… ops :smiley: But yes, the two programs I was talking about, ROOT and Geant4, are there! I must admit that I didn’t try any other thing in these holidays, and I’m going away from next Monday until next Friday (no internet there…), so very little will be done in those days… Besides, I decided to install openSUSE 11.1, and this is causing some little annoyances (another thread is coming soon…) but on the other side ROOT now compiles from source, which it didn’t happen on openSUSE 11.0 due to a “regression fix” in GCC (see here: Root Talk :: View topic - ROOT 5.20 on Suse 11.0 64bit). All this talking of mine just to say: in the next 10 days I won’t be able to try so much, nor to ask or answer to any question, so I think I’ll use this time to make some tries, then I’ll post here my results and, in case, ask once again for your help…
In the meanwhile, thank you all and happy new year!

There are now CLHEP, Geant4 and the Geant4 data files up on my
repository. They take a long time to build lol and had to
short-circuit the FHS 2.2 checks on 11.1 for it to build.

Search here for geant4 and clhep;
Get It

I have yet to include the environment setup as still having some
trouble building applications against the static libraries (an
environment setting I’m sure). I manually compiled on my SLED machine as
it’s x86_64 for an initial test and could compile and run some of the
examples (A01 was the test).

If I then install the build service geant4 with shared libraries it all
works. But when I install geant4 with the static libraries I’m getting
errors when compiling the application.

Is it possible for you to provide and example of your environment

And a happy New Year as well :slight_smile:

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