root for installation!!!

Hi all
I need root permission to install a sw and when i tried sudo setup i got msg say i have to try sudo ./setup and when i used it i got this “cannot connect to X server” the problem is the root have a large space and i need to install the program there just create a folder and install the sw there. how can i do this ?
i need to be root in gui!!!


You don’t need to be in root for an installation.

The easiest way is to open a console and enter
su –

(openSUSE does not come with sudo configured; so you have to do that first to use sudo)

But you can also access superuser (i.e. root) from KDE.

  • devox,

instead of sudo, try kdesu or gnomesu.


If you want to install software with a GUI that you need to start from the command line then you need to run the sudo ./setup from a console box inside gnome or KDE.

Then you won’t get the X error.

Thanks for you all,

i switch user and create new one with name “root” and then i became able to do what i want to do :smiley:

sorry i didn’t try this option before.

again thanks for you all.

Logging in to your graphic environment as root is a spectacularly bad idea, and will in many ways give you less security than Windows.

Creating a new user called root is an even spectacularly worse idea, and shouldn’t be possible. I suspect, if you have in fact managed to do so, you’ve just broken your system.