root applications within vnc session

i am using 12.2 and i am not able to start root applications within my persistent vnc session.
e.g. yast opens a empty window that stays empty.

normally root is not allowed in remote connections. And you should never log into a GUI remote or local as root anyway. You can become root once logged in as regular user and there is never a reason to be logged into a gui as root.

you missunderstood.
i am logged in as local user, but i need to start yast to configuere my server.
i am asked for the root password.
yast starts up but the window stays completely empty.

Could be this bug:

I know that this does not answer your question, but it seems odd to be running a GUI on a server.

Do you know that you can log in securely with ssh and type “sudo /sbin/yast” or somesuch to use YaST via ncurses? You can also use ssh and X to run a remote graphical program in a local X window. Another utility that can be very useful for remote administration is “screen”, mostly for its ability to “persist” sessions across connect/disconnects.

The load on, and vulnerability surface of, a server can be reduced significantly by not installing a GUI. VNC and friends are best suited to providing remote access to a virtual or real desktop machine.

thanks that seems to be it.
there seems to be some advice in the bugreport replys about how to get it working. but i cant seem to figure out what exactly is meant by it.
can you translate that for me pls?
thank you

Basically it just says that this seems to be caused by some change to the libqt4 package between Dec. 16th and Feb. 22nd…

You could try to switch to one of the older versions of libqt4 from the update repo. (in yast select the libqt4 package and select the “Version” tab to see all available versions)
libqt4-4.8.1-2.4.1 is from October so should work for sure, but also one of the newer versions could still work…

You could try to install that version by running the following in a terminal as root:

zypper in -f libqt4-4.8.1-2.4.1

or you could use yast in text mode (run it as “yast” in a terminal).

Which version of libqt4 do you have installed, btw?

Well, I had a closer look at the libqt4 package and think now this issue is caused by the following change:

Thu Feb 21 09:56:04 UTC 2013 -

- fix bnc#802634: information disclosure via QSharedMemory (CVE-2013-0254)
  * libqt4-CVE-2013-0254.patch

which fixes this security issue: [Announce] [CVE-2013-0254] Qt Project Security Advisory: System V shared memory segments created world-writeable](

I have built libqt4-* packages without that patch:
Index of /repositories/home:/wolfi323:/branches:/KDE:/Qt

Please try them and report back whether they work for you!