Root access to my system

Not sure if this the right forum, but its sort of application related. I’ve just downloaded some add ons to a program called Celestia and these need adding to a folder called \opt\kde3\share\celestia. I can’t add them in my normal user account - I get a message saying that I don’t have permission. So I logged into my root account to move them and I get the same message. I assumed that I’d be able to do anything from root. So I’m a bit puzzled that I can’t copy a file. So if I can’t copy files from my root account, how would I do this ?


Log into your normal account and use a superuser filemanager.

If you are using the KDE desktop, simply press alt-f2 and type kdesu konqueror into the box. If using gnome I can’t remember the command at the mo as I haven’t used gnome in many years!

It will ask for the root password, enter that and konqueror should start up.

It looks like a web-browser, but it is also a file manager, you can figure it out I’m sure :).

But be careful what you delete, you could stuff your entire system up!

Oh, and I think it didn’t work because you used backslashes “” in your example above, Linux and Unix use the forward slash “/” for FS navigation :).

And try to get more info about usng root by reading: SDB:Login as root - openSUSE

Brilliant - thanks, guys. This worked a treat. Opening a terminal session and typing “gnomesu nautilus” has given me everything I need.

also, there’s no such thing as \opt\kde3\share\celestia - this is not Windows with its stupidity to use backslashes, it’s like always walking with your butt upfront! :wink:

that’ll be /opt/kde3/share/celestia