Rolling back Google Chrome? Google Chrome / Talk broken.

I did a update to Google Chrome and Google Talk form their repos yesterday via YAST software management and now I have an interaction between Chrome and my USB web camera when I have a Gmail tab open or try and view Flash content. The light on my USB Web Camera flashes and the cursor freezes in coordination with the flashing of the light on the Web Camera.During flash video play back the video freezes and the audio gets out of sync with the video as it continues while the light on the USB Web camera flashes. Everything works normally in Firefox.

What I’d like to do is roll back to the previous stable Google Chrome and Google Talk versions but I can’t seem to find a way to navigate their RPM repo as it’s just a webpage with no file listings. Does anyone know how to roll Google Chrome and Google Talk back to the previous versions? Anyone got any other ideas?

openSUSE 12.1 KDE with Packman repo enabled.

The latest Chrome enables the built-in flash by default. Instead of rolling back Chrome, you could try going back to the old flash (the same one Firefox uses) by going to chrome://plugins/ and disable pepper flash.

What is the full path? I am not quite clear on this.

Never mind I found it and any yes it works.