rollback an update

I could find a sub-forum that was about updating so I thought the internet was next closest.

I installed Novell Client for Linux on my laptop and had it working till I did an update this morning. how do i check what update that was and if need be uninstall it?


If you can get to a login and login, then type:
rpm -qa --last > last.txt
and with your favourite text editor (possibly an ASCII based text editor if you only have an ascii prompt) open the file “last.txt” and check to see what you updated.

I do not track the Novell Client for Linux updates, but I do know an update to “xorg/x11” and also to the “kernel” on openSUSE-11.1 recently broke some user’s graphics, sound, wireless, grub (menu.lst incorrectly written) and/or webcam. The grub breakage is always a “pain” because it can be difficult to “boot” after the error is encountered.

when I log on to the pc I do get an error concirning my sound, is that because of the update?

Maybe. Maybe not. What is the error ? Does your sound work ?