Roccat Kone Pure permission denied


I installed Roccat drivers for my Kone Pure via repo and then added myself to the Roccat usergroup. When I try to save profile settings to my mouse I get the following error:

Any ideas?

Please, don’t be so vague. Which version of openSUSE? And when you mention “from repo”, how difficult is it to tell which repo? When you want to help your potential helpers, you give maximum info.

I installed the driver from the following repo:

Index of /repositories/hardware/openSUSE_13.1

Installed packages:


I am using 13.1x64 KDE

Did you logout, login? Your group membership will not be active until next login.

Yes I did. Infact, I also rebooted to eliminate the possibility that the kernel module required it.

Ok, then we’ve ruled that out. Next, we know that the program is trying to write to a folder the user’s got no permissions to write to, which is strange: we’re running as a user, trying to write a user config, which per standard should be in the user’s homedir, where the user has all the permissions.
Just a suggestion: it looks like the program is trying to write a system configuration, what happens if you run the program using


Thanks for your help.

kdesu konepureconfig starts the GUI and allows me to store profile settings on the mouse.

[HR][/HR]Is there any way I can use this tool as a normal user?

I doubt it it appears to be a system setting. If you can figure where that config file lives you might be able to change permissions but if it is a system setting then it is roots responsibility not a user.

If you installed by a repo then go into yast select the package and see where things are installed (tab at bottom right). Note it may not show the config location

roccat-tools store their data in /var/lib/roccat. Maybe the package forgets to set the right access rights for this directory.
Execute these two commands:

chown root:roccat /var/lib/roccat
chmod 2770 /var/lib/roccat

And your problem should be fixed.