Roadmap for Firefox 4

According to the roadmap for the open source browser, the Mozilla developers plan to launch the next major Firefox release in October or November 2010

Roadmap for Firefox 4 - News - The H Open Source: News and Features


To improve application stability, Firefox 3.7 plans to isolate plug-ins to their own process. In Firefox 4, the plan is then to extend that isolation to each tab to ensure that the browser doesn’t crash because of a single dubious website. This “process isolation” is a feature of the Google Chrome and Chromium browsers, introduced a year ago

That’s the best part as far as I’m concerned. I’ve had Fx blow up on me more times than I can count because of dubious tabs.
In Chromium for me,when it worked, it was just the tab that went, not the whole app. However Chromium has 2 problems for me & I stress for me!

  1. It’ll work for 4-5 times then it after that it won’t load anything. Removal & reinstallation(of GC) does nothing the problem persists.
    2.It doesn’t have any addons that install.
    So, I’ll wait the freezes are irritating but at lest the restore session option restores it long enough for me to spot & stop the bad tab.