rmt in opensuse 15.1

It is possible to use rmt in opensuse just for opensuse repository and without registration to scc?

I have skip the scc credential in rmt.conf file and now each time I am trying to sync or run rmt I am getting:
The SCC credentials are not configured correctly in ‘/etc/rmt.conf’. You can obtain them from https://scc.suse.com/organization

Maybe I need a account, but without any subscription - or without attaching to scc with SUSE ent. licencse I am not able to use rmt in purely opensuse environment?

You may need an account, but if not skipping, may be a bug. Did you have a read here: https://github.com/SUSE/rmt

What do you mean? Do I need to have scc account or not? I’ve saw this docs, but nothing answering this question.

I don’t think your should need on for openSUSE, but since it’s a SLE tool may need a SCC account.