By incident I noticed, when running ‘top’, that ‘rkhunter’ was running somewhere in the background; the process ran for a while then stopped.
Does anyone know if ‘rkhunter’ by default is set to run every so often? I have not configured any scheduler do this manually.


If you look at the spec file or check in the /etc/cron.* directories if don’t want to look at the spec file

It runs a daily cron job, which if you have not configured the system cron job time, runs 15 minutes after first boot, so for example you reboot your system twice in one day, it will run twice…or more if you reboot more. If you stay up for days it will run every 24 hours at the 15 minutes after reboot time. If you configure the system cron job time it will only run then, so in theory may not run at all if the system is never up at the time you set…

Thanks for clearing that up.