I’m searching for a ripping application to get mp3 files from cd tracks.


k3b + k3b-codecs from Packman

*jripper *also from packman

I don’t know much about jRipper. K3B works well, but is rater cluttered if all you want to do is rip CDs, and you need the Packman version instead of the openSUSE version for most things to work. Grip and Sound Juicer are good GUIs just for ripping CDs. abcde is a nice command line ripper.

I like Asunder.

Shouldn’t K3b now be renamed to K4b? rotfl!

For those few cd’s that K3B doesn’t work on try Asunder.

Grip is awesome for this :wink:

I tried Grip, but it needs a mp3 encoder executable…

jripper or k3b;)