Ripping multiple CD tracks to one?

I am trying to rip my “Queen’s Greatest Hits I” CD to my hard drive as FLAC files. For the most part, it’s going well. But let’s say I want to rip Track 16 (We Will Rock You) and Track 17 (We Are The Champions) as one track. (Because really, who ever listens to those tracks separately???)

What is the best CD ripper software to use to accomplish this? So far I’ve tried Asunder & Audex, but I don’t want to download every ripper before I find one that will let me do this easily.

I was able to do what I wanted in cdparanoia at the shell:

cdparanoia 16-17 Queen_We_Will_Rock_You_We_Are_The_Champions.wav

But then I lose all the convenience of automatic tagging, etc.

Any hints, hacks or other help would be appreciated since I have a whole collection of CDs with similar tracks that I need to rip.

Whenever I want to listen to a sequence of tracks as one, I do that via the playlist. If that isn’t what you want, I would have thought you could edit them together with Audacity.

Thanks for your reply. It would actually take quite a bit longer to stitch them together in Audacity than to rip them with cdparanoia from the command line. For me, anyway. :slight_smile:

Actually I found a way to do what I wanted. Someone pointed me in the direction of K3b. Not being extremely familiar with it, I didn’t realize that it did CD ripping as well as burning them. Once the CD was in, I deselected all but the tracks I wanted, clicked “Start Ripping” on the toolbar, and in the dialog that popped up there was a “Create single file” checkbox. Once I was finished setting the rest of the options I clicked the “Start Ripping” button, and just a few minutes later the two tracks were ripped as one FLAC file.