Right clicking context menu almost always selects the first item accidently.

Everytime I right click on something to get the context menu, somehow the input almost always selects whatever is the top entry of the context menu. Usually I have to click cancel to whatever and right click again. Try it a few times until I right click without it selecting the first item. I’m using KDE desktop. Are there any suggestions how to stop this annoying problem?

Maybe wait for the upcoming update to 5.8.6…

I’m not sure that your problem is fixed, but there wasn’t any bug report about this either.

And I’m not sure I understand your problem correctly.
Care to explain in more detail?

On what exactly are you clicking, e.g.

If you mean that files on the desktop are opened automatically if you right-click on them (in addition to open the context menu), this will be fixed by the upcoming update.:wink:

PS: If that’s the problem you are talking about, a workaround would be to just keep the right mouse button pressed a little bit longer…

Yes, to me it looks as if the mouse generates two clicks instead of one. Not all of the time.

Are you using a wireless mouse? Signal interference can do that.

I used to have a problem very similar to that. Turns out it was a faulty mouse.

The bug I am talking about is related to how long you press the mouse button.
If you hold it slightly longer (or keep it pressed), this is regarded as “press” event, not “clicked”, and the folderview widget uses a different code path (that works).

IOW, there is a bug in the folderview’s handling of (short) right-click events (which will be fixed in the upcoming update). There are not really two clicks generated.

I had similar problem with left button clicking. I was also blaming KDE. Finally I tried other trackball and everything was alright. Problematic was left button microswitch.

Yes, I have retired my favourite mouse for the same problem. Some day, I might open it … Not likely, though since I have several mouses (mice? meece?):wink: