Right click on dolphin takes long time to response

Hi guyz,

I’ve just installed Leap on my Laptop (4GB Ram, Core i5)
It takes about 4~5 seconds for dolphin to response to a Right-click,
It’s not the case in other application,
Also I found out that a Right-Click on a file is OK, but when you Right-click on a folder or on an empty space (for example to create a new folder, text file, …) it takes that long.

I have searched for this issue and tried things like disabling Activities from configuration and …, but none of them works.
Any idea?

Thanks a lot

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See https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=223&t=130617&p=351341

Thanks a lot
Sounds there’s no solution for that

Well, there is: update dolphin to 16.04.0.
But that isn’t released yet, it will be released in April, as the version number implies.

It is available in the KDE:Unstable:* repositories already, if you are adventurous you can use them.
But I wouldn’t really recommend it, especially if you need a system that works…

Thanks, i didn’t know that,
Some glimpse of hope :slight_smile: