Right-Click context menu gone from plasma desktop

openSUSE 11.1 x86_64
KDE 4.3.66 (4.4svn)/KDE4 UNSTABLE Desktop repo
Plain desktop

yes i know its from “UNSTABLE” but for the last several releases from UNSTABLE i have lost the right-click context menu from the desktop and hence i can not change my background or my plasma theme.
i am using the “plain desktop” (without the cashew) containment or whatever it is called if that matters.

i tried deleting all the plasma config files & then customizing plasma again but i wasn’t able to determine what is causing this (assuming it is related to plasma, which i think it is).

apparently 4.3.66 does not yet include the implementation mentioned here: Moving things to the right place « Uninstall it!

i’d appreciate any help in getting it back.