right button > create new office document


When using KDE, i was able to click right mouse button, and had the option to create new office document, like libreoffice writter. Very convinience.

Where is that option in Gnome?

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You’ll probably have to describe <exactly> how you’re expecting to create a document, on the Desktop, in a file manager, etc.

And, it’s possible to setup your Desktop various ways.
Have you tried left-clicking in an empty space? (Again, depend where you’re clicking)


I think you will find it is KDE specific and all it does is create an empty document. I find it quicker to open a word-processor and start typing in the default document.

i do not know about Gnome3
gnome2 and nautilus had a TON of really COOL r-click actions

weather they were ported to gnopme3 ???

look for “nautilus” and “actions”

su -
zypper se nautilus
----- and ----
zypper se actions

zypper in nautilus-actions  

I’m not a Gnome user, but I do have the nautilus file manager installed. Anyway, I’ve seen one approach that seems to work, which involves creating an empty file in ~/Templates directory.


For example, open LO and save as the preferred file type and default name eg Untitled.odt to the ~/Templates directory

Then open nautilus, and now it should be possible to right-click > New Document > select the file type of interest. It will create the file requested with the option to rename it. (As a quick test, I created 2 files - new.txt and new.odt)