Rhapsody and other like services

Hi, the cloud is coming more and more. Now we see these services that offer not owning items, but streaming them.
I think its a great idea since, like music and movies, i don’t need or want to own everything.
Thats why i like netflix since i can just watch and forget it afterwards.

My real question is, if someone who uses it, can share his/her experience with the service.
Something like that would certainly save a lot of storage too. But maybe i see just one side of the fence.
I am not a collector really. Now i have movies i once liked, but now almost never watch again. Its like a waste of money, sitting on the shelf.

You can make an argument for streaming movies (although I like to build my library), but the idea of music by subscription never intrigued me. I want to play my music anywhere, anytime, without the DRM crup Apple and the subscription services like to impose. By “owning” the music, I’m free to enjoy it as I please.