RFC 1918 response from Internet

dear boy’s and girls,

i have this EM in /var/log/messages:

Oct 19 10:37:38 hoofdkwartier named[319]: client RFC 1918 response from Internet for

I tried al lot of things trying to get rid of this, including blocking the host with
denyhosts, removing it from dhcp.leases and adding entry’s in /etc/named.conf,
following instructions I found on http://readthe****ingmanual.net/error/1203/

Who can help me investigate this further? Other info I found on the internet
are too complicated for me.

We are running an OpenSuse 11.1 server, clients are both Linux and Windows

greetings, J. is in a private range and you should not be sending such queries to the Internet. You should set up your named to answer for a reverse lookup of addresses in the RFC1918 zones (, and

The answer is here


look for the question “What does “RFC 1918 response from Internet for” mean?”

It could be that the version of bind9 you have already supports setup of automatic RFC1918 zones, depends on the version, I can’t say.


many thanks for the reply!

I have found that info in the spcecified url.

Just an additional question - probably not a very smart one :

do I have to make the entry’s specified here in /etc/named.conf and only in named.conf?

again, many thanks.

grt, J.

You still need a zone file called “empty” in /var/lib/named/master if you follow the advice in that FAQ.


i 've created the zone “empty” via Yast and added the entry’s.

I’m looking at /var/log/messages for a couple of minutes now, haven’t seen the EM
so far.

Looks like you fixed it, Ken.

I am very relieved! Many many thanks.