Revive my LaCie Ethernet BigDisk?

Hi everybody,

I have a weird problem with my LaCie Ethernet BigDisk… I cannot see it on the network anymore… it used to work fine until some week ago, when it just disappeared from my home network. My modem shows it as inactive.

This is pretty serious to me, since I moved all my music and personal photography collections to the drive… The drive is maybe 2 months old, it was new when bought.

I first wanted to check if the drive is screwed, so I said I should check first if it connects via USB. My openSUSE 10.3 does not see it, Windows XP sees it. So I guess the drive is safe (no clicking in it or something weird)… must be the ethernet interface or something.

So I first ran a hardware probe on openSUSE and it shows right there connected through the USB (I can still see the old connection via eth0 as well…), but it doesn’t mount…

I tried
df -h
fdisk -l

still no show of it… I am at a loss now, since I don’t have a device to point to… how can I mount it?

thanks for any suggestions, hope I made myself clear through the tears and sobs… :frowning: