Revert KDE 4 to defaults?

I just installed 11.0 (upgrade from 10.3), and was using KDE 4 for the first time. I was fiddling around with the new eye candy for desktop effects, etc., enabled a particular effect, and got hosed. The windows went blank and dimmed for a few seconds, then my screen went to all black, except for the mouse cursor, which I can move around freely. Ctrl-Alt-Bkspc kills and restarts X, but I still just end up with the black screen and mouse cursor after it restarts. I can only assume it has something to do with the effect that I tried to enable.

I can log in to KDE 3, so is there a way to revert the settings back to the defaults from there? Then, I’ll just remember not to enable that effect again. :slight_smile:


if im not mistaken there 2 directories kde and kde4 if that is so since you have 3.5 of kde log into it and rename the .kde4 directory and log out and back into kde 4 this should revert it back to the defaults or atleast it did in 10.3

That seems to have done the trick. Thanks.


glad it worked out for ya enjoy