Reverse Webcam on Asus T101MT

Hi all,

I installed openSuse 11.4 on my netbook, an Asus T101MT touchscreen and i’m very happy to see than all the hardware run perfect.

I have only a problem with the webcam:

Bus 001 Device 003: ID 13d3:5111 IMC Networks Integrated Webcam

The video of this webcam is reversed vertically. I tryed with Kopete and with Skype but the problem remain.

How can I fix it?

I’m not an advanced user than please, be patient :wink:

Check out this thread and see if there is anything there that might help:
Webcam upside down

In particular note the posts of malcolmlewis.

Hello Esse999,

I have the same netbook also with the same issue of the webcam but also with the touchscreen and the last one is a bit anoying and i was wondering if u had the same issue.
WHenever my lappy comes out of sleep mode the touchscreen doesnt work. Look like it crashed or something not sure since i have no idea what kind of software is used to get this driver :stuck_out_tongue:
Ive checked the log at var/log/messages but could not find anything interesting (prolly also cos i have no idea what program is used for this screen).

Wondering what ur toughts on this are.



Check this threat up to the end:
Webcam Inverted image on Eee PC

As Sauerland says above, check the Webcam Inverted image on Eee PC thread started by me. I have exactly the same PC (T101MT) and have the same problem. Check pages 2 and 3 - they provide the complete solution to solve the problem. There is also guidance on what to do to update the kernel while still solving this problem.

Best of luck.
Vikas Garud

I also have same issue - touchscreen does not work after suspend/sleep. Since is is annoyance, rather than crippling effect on performance, I am living with it. If we need solution, we need to start another thread with appropriate subject line. It is unlikely that a solution will be available in this thread.

Vikas Garud

An excellent suggestion, also if you have log file info to post use code tags, if its long then use SUSE Paste and post the url generated (Note: Set the ‘Delete after’ to never).