Return to logon screen

Install succesful and i was fixing screen settings worked then i got to windows settings.

After activathing windows settings im send to logonscreen .

And i can not login keeps on returning to the password fillin password seems to be wrong??

How can i logon to system now?

I am on the KDE desktop

You should be able to select shutdown/reboot from the login screen, try that first.

now i am on a terminal im in but how do i get graphic im in the home map

seems to be there even do i choose the other alternatine in grub

At the CLI type: startx

If that doesn’t work. type: su
then your root password

sax2 -r -m 0=vesa

(that’s a Zero=vesa)

then type** logout**

Now log in as user and try startx

Well im in thx for support.

Seems KDE has crashed and i can not log in to any other graphics then the ice vm something however i was trying to fill in an bugcrashreport but wasnt able to contact klauncher so i wasnt able to save/send report…

Where do i go from here? can i start up KDE or do i have to reinstall?

It’s fixable but you may get lost, here goes.
Boot to level 3 by typing the number 3 in the boot line at boot
Login as user
then become su

Now type: yast

This interface is navigated by keyboard
You need software management
Then the Patterns filter
Re-check the main kde4-base and kde4-desktop for install again
and accept

when it’s done, exit that and type reboot

If you have problems check my earlier comments

I will go back here if i get a simular problem i reinstalled so this matter is solved for me


Sometimes it’s the easiest solution - No worries;)