Return to kernel 2.6.22

Does anyone know if there is an easy (rpm-based?) way to return to kernel 2.6.22 on my openSuSE 11 system (
I have a driver for my modem that will only work on that kernel version.
However, if possible, I’d like to retain the 2.6.25 kernel so I can boot either one from the GRUB menu.


Hi, I don’t think u can downgrade to kernel 2.6.22 with a rpm but u can try compiling kernel 2.6.26 your self and see if that works better.

If you are using Linuxant HSF driver, they already have a version for kernel Linuxant - Linux drivers for Conexant chipsets - HSF driver downloads for SuSE Linux x86 platform .

Nope. Agrsm driver for the 11c11040 chipset modem :slight_smile:

Could it be as simple as selecting the installed kernel in Yast software management, open the version tab and reselecting a earlier version ?

Unfortunately not- that will overwrite the existing kernel if done through YAST, I’m afraid.

On the other hand, I think I’ll just try a dual boot between SuSE 11 and 10.3.