Retrieving backed up album art for amarok

I recently deleted my .kde4 folder and lost all the album art and lyrics I had saved in Amarok. I have a back up but openSUSE doesn’t recognized the file type and won’t copy the files to the new albumcovers folder in .amarok. The file name is a mixture of numbers and letters with no file extension.

I downloaded a few album covers in Amarok and openSUSE recognizes these as jpeg files, even though there’s no jpg file extension in the file name. If I right click on of the files from my backup and choose to open it with Amarok, then the album art appears, and it’s also added to the albumcovers folder in .amarok, and recognized as a jpeg file!

Anyone know why openSUSE doesn’t recognize the files from my backup? Or how I can import all of the album art and lyrics from my back up all at the same time?

I figured it out. It was a permissions problem.

And try to understand that for copying the “filetype” (what ever you mean with that) is unimportant. And in Unix/Linux there is not such a thing as a file extension. There is only some consensus about what a file ending in a certain combination of characters may contain. But that consensus exists only between human users and desktop software, the system does not care.