Resuming from sleep

Hi,this is my first post here.I am new to Suse Tumbleweed but I am not new to Linux.Installed the latest version yesterday and upgraded today.I am using an old Dell optiplex 390 desktop and nearly everything is working fine.Only a little annoyance:I resume from suspend using keyboard,touching the mouse does not resume from suspend as it did on Solus.So the password box comes with a character ,and I have to delete the character and next to fill in my password.My question is:can I resume from sleep by shaking mice.Thanks in advance.

Hello cet

I have used openSUSE for a long time. In my experience I do not and never did resume from sleep by moving the mouse. I always have done it by striking any key.

I have no clue why there is a character in the password field when you resume from sleep. It never happened to me. Perhaps others can chime in with experience about that.

Good luck and hope you find openSUSE Tumbleweed useful and fun!

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This ArchWiki page is a useful reference re wakeup triggers…

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