Resume from Sleep and Hibernate fails

Has anyone else had this problem?

I updated from 12.1 RC2 with the 64 bit DVD - it all went well. But when I “Sleep” or “Hibernate”, it shuts down ok but on resume, all I get is a screen full of coloured bars. The only way out is a hard reset.

I notice also that trying to install the Nvidia repo fails with an error message.

Do you have a “resume=” statement in your menu.lst?

Hi, thanks for the suggestion but I’m afraid resume = is definitely there.

I’m going to try a clean install from the DVD (instead of the update from RC2 which I now have). Maybe that will fix everything :slight_smile:

Doing a fresh install from the DVD did NOT fix the problem

BUT installing the Nvidia drivers HAS fixed the problem.

The Nvidia repo now seems to be available.