Resume after hibernate (s2disk) crashes every second time

I don’t know where to start digging: a notebook (Thinkpad), a current TW and since at least three monthes the resume after hibernate (s2disk) crashes: the computer boots, loads the image and then reboots.

This only happens with the second resome from hibernate. The first resume always suceeds.

s2disk works.

I encrypted the home partition. Due to issues with plymouth, in my options for Grub2 I wrote ‘plymouth.enable=0’ .

Well, is there a jounal or is this bug known?




First thing I’d look at is whether the hibernate has completed before you close the lid,

Speculating that closing the lid is configured to somehow be associated with some power management shutdown or suspend (typical setting), and depending on how much RAM is in your machine and the speed of your HDD, it can take a <very> long time to complete shutdown to hibernation (10 minutes or more?). If you close the lid and your machine hasn’t completed creating the hibernation file, it may be useless.

You may also have problems if your disk doesn’t have <a lot> of free space.
The following command displays how your partitions are used

df -h

Compare the free space available in your root partition (/) to the size of your RAM, you should have at least free space at least maybe 3x the size of your RAM. Also, I haven’t checked recently (because I don’t typically hibernate) whether contiguous space is required.

You may find the following ArchWiki article useful.
You will have to investigate how your hibernate is being done, in some cases it might be systemd, in others it might be an older method (Assuming you’re invoking hibernate from a button in a Desktop).

I find the use of the filefrag command in the above reference interesting, I wonder if the hibernate data in the swap partition should also be relatively contiguous (the filefrag command is only used to determine the offset or beginning of the hibernate file or data).