Restricted Extras for 13.1

Is there a simplified approach to installing the Restricted Extras on 13.1 ? I found a procedure but it does seem complicated. Perhaps I am spoiled… ?

And what do you mean with “Restricted Extras”?

Multimedia codecs?
Then see here:
13. Multimedia Codecs - Install Support For MP3, DVD, WMA, WMV, MOV etc.
or here:

Thanks for the quick reply. I did see that and it is what prompted my query. I’m looking for a more simplified approach.

What’s simpler than clicking on that 1-click install?

And what DE are you using?

You can also have a look here:
Restricted formats/13.1 - openSUSE Community Wiki
There’s a 1-click install for KDE and one for GNOME there.

I must have looked at it incorrectly and will revisit. I saw quite a few other commands involved to change repositories and caveats on when some things might not install correctly and would require manual intervention.

Am using Gnome - if that is what ‘DE’ means.

Ok - just what I was trying to avoid: conflicts requiring manual intervention. The ‘one click install’ is not.

My hobby is installing various Linux distros and this one tends to be a bit more complicated.

You’re right.
If that’s too complicated for you (clicking a few times on “switch to Packman”), openSUSE might not be the right choice for you…

I did the few clicks and installation is proceeding as we speak.

Whether or not this is the right distro depends on the mood - sometimes I would just like to click on something once and have installation proceed by itself without having to wonder if I did the right thing. Sometimes a challenge can be fun.

On a triple boot 16gb hex core system; this distro runs very well on it.

Thanks again for your replies.